Professional Description
JBMod is a modification of Half-Life 2 that activates the physgun and adds many new features.

   Our Description
JBMod was originally made because the nerds on HL2World wanted to get back to making sexual poses with the ragdolls in Half-Life 2, which they weren't able to do anymore since the physgun had been removed from the final game. Both prior to the release of Half-Life 2, and after the release of JBMod, just about every screenshot involved Alyx Vance.

"What has science done"

- jb55


"I'm downloading it
right now"

- McMurder




- foxatphoenixlabs



"OMG I weilded like 3
things together to a
cannister and made it fly
high as hell! "

- dave

a a

- JBMod is the greatest HL2 Mod ever!

- JBMod blows Garry's Mod out of the water!

- JBMod allows you to pose your favorite HL2 model in all sorts of crazy sexual positions!

- JBMod uses a real physgun!

- JBMod will have sex with your mother and give you that baby brother you've always wanted!

- JBMod kicked Chuck Norris's ass

- Snakez and Garry are working together on JBMod 3.0 which will be sold for $20 on Steam


10/22/2012 - Where is JBMod?

11/07/2011 - JBMod 3.0 has been announced! Check out the new videos to learn more!

11/02/2011 - A new video series, A JBMod History Lesson, is now available!

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If you're still playing that oudated Garry's mod 10, then you truly are not living life to its fullest. Become a man and grow a sack, comb your pubic hair, have lumber for breakfast and download JBMod TODAY!!

It will bring pride to your family name!