Oct 31 2022 - JBMod 0.5.1 has been released on Steam! The first major feature update to JBMod since 2004 adds native multiplayer support, prop freezing and more! Check out the Steam announcement and watch the launch trailer to learn more.

Oct 24 2022 - JBMod 0.5 has been re-released on Steam! Check out the Steam announcement to read more.

Oct 09 2022 - No really, Where is JBMod?

Oct 22 2012 - Where is JBMod?

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JBMod is waaay cooler

If you're still playing that oudated Garry's mod 10, then you truly are not living life to its fullest. Become a man and grow a sack, comb your pubic hair, have lumber for breakfast and download JBMod TODAY!!

It will bring pride to your family name!

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